The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) is an agreement that outlines the minimum employment terms and conditions for all GP registrars*

The NTCER is not a registered award. Your signed employment agreement is the legal document under which you are employed. The current NTCER agreement applies to the current training year and supersedes the previous NTCER agreement. The NTCER is negotiated between GPRA and General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA).

Accreditation standards for all training practices require that the terms and conditions in registrar employment agreements must not be less than the NTCER minimum.

The NTCER covers:

  • working hours
  • education and supervision (protected and non-protected teaching time, educational release)
  • remuneration (base salary, payment for on-call and after-hours work, billing cycle, SIP and PIP payments, allowances and expenses)
  • leave (annual, personal, carers study or parental leave)
  • other matters such as medical indemnity insurance, OH&S, termination of employment and more.

Critical points to remember:

The NTCER is the minimum; you can negotiate for terms and conditions higher than the NTCER. Negotiate based on the value you bring to your practice; you are more likely to be successful in negotiating terms and conditions above the NTCER past GPT2/PRRT2.

Do not start work at a practice unless you have signed employment agreement — this protects both you and your employer against employment breaches and ensures you and the practice are on the same page.

Do not rely on verbal agreements — get everything in writing; even if it seems small, such as dates for your annual leave or rostering arrangements, be sure to get confirmation in writing.

Registrars should be treated as employees. Legal advice we have obtained as well as information provided by the Australian Tax Office states registrars are legally viewed as employees. It is illegal to treat employees as contractors if they are not a contractor.

If you're not sure, check. Contact your Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) or GPRA, or read our NTCER frequently asked questions (FAQs).

View the full 9 key NTCER points which all GP registrars should know.

*The NTCER does not apply to those in community controlled health, Australian Defence Force Registrars, some Aboriginal Medicine Services, and registrars on remediation.


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