Often, doctors spend so much time helping others that they neglect their own health.
It is not unusual to feel stressed during medical training, or around exam time, here are some resources that may assist.

RLOs provide confidential advice, care, information and support to GP trainees within their college.

Some common GP trainee concerns, and our suggestion on who is best to contact.

Who to contact in those times when you need help with your own health.

Wellbeing advice for new GP trainees

When considering the wellbeing of a GP registrar, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach

Dr Ginita Oberoi offers some advice to those starting out.

From self-abuse to self-care
By Dr Hilton Koppe
Overcoming the challenges
By Dr David Lam
How to thrive in medicine
Seven tips from seven doctors

Workplace bullying

Bullying in general practice is often subtle and hard to recognise

What do I do if you’re being bullied at work.