General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) is the peak voice for the next generation of general practitioners. We are a not-for-profit organisation representing over 25,000 medical students, prevocational doctors and GP registrars through our networks and activities. Our primary objective is to improve the health care of all Australians through excellence in education and training and ensure that general practice is the medical speciality of choice. ​

Avant latest news post 01-04-2016

Doctors in the early stages of their career find it difficult to source funding for research. That’s why Avant offers their Doctor in Training Research Scholarship Program.

NHDS website tile 19-11-2015

NHDS is Australia’s largest network of after hours home visiting doctors. We’re currently seeking doctors to join our fantastic teams in all capital cities.

Dial-A-Doctor latest news image

Dial-a-Doctor requires doctors in Perth and Cairns. Bring your stethoscope and we provide everything else you could think of, including your own personal driver!

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