General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA)


The latest Benchmarking Report was released in March 2021 and contains unique insights into the employment and training conditions of GP trainees across Australia.

The GPRA Benchmarking Survey is run every two to three years. GP trainees confidentially provide data on their employment terms and conditions. From this data, we create the Benchmarking Report which outlines the employment conditions and overall wellbeing of GP trainees across Australia.



GPRA is the only independent organisation protecting the rights of GP trainees. We are a not-for-profit organisation who also support medical students and prevocational doctors interested in general practice. Become a member today — it's free!

General Practice is a rewarding and intellectually stimulating career. If you are interested in making a difference to peoples’ lives, increasing your skills, and caring for communities, then GP is for you!

At EV GP Training, we offer a diverse and innovative program across Metropolitan Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland, equipping registrars with the skills required to become confident and competent General Practitioners.

Our dedicated GP supervisors, medical educators, and support staff will support you on your journey towards attaining Fellowship with RACGP or ACRRM.

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As the sole provider of the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) in Western Australia, WAGPET provides the specialist education and expert training required to become a competent and confident GP.

WAGPET’s team of experienced medical educators and training advisors will be with you on the ground, working with you to identify your goals, to find placements that match your passion, and to ensure your training provides the foundation for you to become the GP you were born to be.

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A holistic approach to healthcare was what drew Dr Natasha Nottingham initially into a career as a GP. What she has found is the personal connection to her community that will keep her engaged with medicine for her lifetime. Managing a wide breadth of presentations each day provides both a challenging and highly rewarding career.

“GP provides a scope like no other specialty, being able to treat the whole patient, to visit them in their homes and appreciate how their individual physical, mental, and social health intertwine”.

Natasha is currently training towards a Fellowship of Royal College of General Practitioners.

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