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In a discussion about the long-standing problems with general practice trainee employment and beginning exploration of potential solutions, GP trainee representatives from across Australia met at the recent GPRA Round Table.

The following is a summary of the discussion which took place between the panellists and participants who attended this round table.



Coming from a family of surgeons, Dr Wissam Ghamrawi assumed he would follow the same path, but there was always something missing. In general practice, Wissam found the daily diversity, the simplicity and the complexity, and above all the community that finally combined all his passions both inside and outside medicine.
General Practice and specifically, rural general practice has not only elevated his passion for medicine but opened the door to a set of advanced clinical skills that will ultimately provide excellent primary care to South Australians far and wide.
Wissam is currently pursuing his Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice, ultimately becoming a “Rural Generalist”.
Dr Wissam Ghamwari, GP Registrar, Registrar Liaison Officer GPEx

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