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When medical students and medical graduates consider embracing a career in general practice, there is just one organisation committed to their success for the whole journey — General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA).

Moving through the different stages to a career in general practice these various groups will have different employers and different employment situations.

However, for the entire journey they will have just one organisation supporting them, advocating for them and addressing their concerns and problems.

GPRA Advisory Council 2019

That is why GPRA has approximately 20,000 members.

With the GP training process about to undergo yet another change, it is GPRA that provides continuity and stability from medical school to completion of GP specialist training.

For over 45 years, GPRA has been the most trusted source of information and advice for those who are seeking a career in general practice.


Our approach to sponsorships 

GPRA takes a partnership approach to sponsorships; we seek relationships with relevant organisations and businesses that will lead to information, advice, and services that will support our members in the early stages of their medical careers, through to the final years of their training.

We can help you reach members across a number of communications channels.

We work with sponsors and advertisers to design custom solutions that meet their marketing and budget requirements. 

Please talk to us further if you have a specific project or idea — we are always willing to collaborate on projects and events which would be of interest and benefit to our members.

Many organisations, both large and small, nationwide and state-wide, partner with GPRA.

Talk to us today about how we can partner with your organisation.

GPRA Membership and Audience Statistics

  • Obtaining a medical degree from an Australian university and interested in general practice.
  • Connected through our General Practice Student Network (GPSN).
  • Over 5,000 members.
  • There are around 17,000 medical students in Australia*.
  • The average age range is 18–28.
  • 21 GPSN clubs in medical schools across Australia.
  • No medical earnings.

*, 2021


  • Those working in a hospital as a Junior Medical Officer (JMO) and interested in general practice.
  • Connected through our Future General Practitioner Network (FGP).
  • Over 7,000 members.
  • There are over 7,000
    JMOs in Australia*.
  • Average age range is 24–29.
  • $60,000 to $100,000 average annual salary range.

*Department of Health, 2017


Doctors training to become GPs
  • This includes GP trainees at all stages of GP training, from hospital training to advanced/extended skills training.
  • Over 9,000 members.
  • The average age range is 29–39.
  • Average annual salary:
    $78,000 (first-term GP trainee)
    $130,000 (third-term GP trainee)
    $160,000 (extended skills GP trainee)
  • $200,000 to $350,000+ salary as a GP Fellow.



Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Events and Webinars

GPRA events and webinars are planned on an as-needed basis, addressing the specific needs of our members. This creates sponsorship opportunities. Priority access to events is given to ongoing sponsors. Events can be at a local, state or national level.

Past GP trainee events have included:

  • workshops (clinical skills, exams and more)
  • webinars (topic based, including employment, clinical, exams and more)
  • networking events
  • educational events (exams and study, clinical skills)
  • professional and career development events (communication skills, wellbeing).

Past medical student events have included:

  • clinical skills
  • networking
  • career nights
  • camps and day trips
  • state-based and national conferences and events.
Emails and eNewsletters

Member welcome emails

Upon joining or updating their details, our members are sent an email confirming their member number. This email also contains special offers, including discount codes, from our partners and sponsors. To feature your offer, please talk with us further

Regular member eNewsletters

There are three eNewsletters that are sent out regularly to our subscribers:

  • GPRA eNews (goes to 9,000 GP trainees and fellows monthly)
  • GPSN eNews (goes to 5,000 medical students, six issues per year)
  • FGP eNews (goes to 7,000 pre-vocational doctors, six issues per year)

Our member eNewsletters enjoy above industry average open rates and click-through rates.

Discounts are available for multiple ads booked. 

Social Media and Website

Our social media audience

Get your message out to our social media subscribers, we have:

  • 3.1k GPRA Facebook followers

  • 1.9k GPRA Twitter followers

  • 6k GPSN Facebook followers

Our social media audience

Get your message out to our social media subscribers, we have:

  • 3.1k GPRA Facebook followers

  • 1.9k GPRA Twitter followers

  • 6k GPSN Facebook followers

Website ads

Interactive image with text overlay and CTA.
Homepage advertising opportunities exist across our two websites: and

-Previous Advertisement Examples-

GPRA Jobs Board Advertising

The GPRA Jobs Board provides an opportunity to advertise VR GP and GP trainee vacancies.

View current listingsBook a placement

Large and small eNewletter advertisement (goes to 8,000 GP trainees and fellows fortnightly) options available with a corresponding listing on the Jobs Board section of the GPRA website.

GPRA Book Collection

GP Companion

The GP Companion is the essential pocket reference for GP trainees, prevocational doctors and medical students.

Authored, reviewed and edited by GPs and medical educators, this guide contains easy-to-access facts and quick-reference figures on a range of common medical conditions, preventive health and clinical reasoning. It covers the essentials of general practice, from contraception to paediatrics to dermatology to cardiovascular medicine, as well as the diagnosis and management of common presentations.

An expanded and updated third edition was released October 2019.

There are advertising opportunities that exist during delivery, for example, fly-sheet and bundled postcards or brochures, that offer access to a low-cost resource, which sets it apart from most medical textbooks, and a target market of 40,000+ Australian-based medical students, prevocational doctors and GP trainees.

The General Practice:
Written Exams, and Clinical Cases Vol 1&2.

GPRA publish exam resources to help GP trainees prepare for their written and clinical fellowship exams.

Designed, authored, reviewed and edited by GPs and medical educators, The General Practice Written Exams helps with preparation and study for the written general practice exams, in particular the AKT and KFP.

Clinical Cases Vol 1 and Clinical Cases Vol 2 help with preparation and study for the RACGP clinical general practice exams.

Each book contains practice questions and cases, and general preparation advice, tips, and important information relating to the exams.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist during delivery, for example, including flyers and inserts with every book sale, offering access to a target market of over 5,000 Australian-based GP trainees seeking to obtain fellowship from either or both general practice colleges (ACRRM and RACGP).

Details and pricing





Welcome Emails

Can be targeted to Medical Students, Prevocational Doctors, or GP Trainees

Static image with clickthrough URL
.jpg format <100kb preferred

$399 (plus GST)
per offer / month

Member eNewsletters

GPRA eNews (monthly)

GPSN eNews (six issues per year)

FGP eNews (six issues per year)

Static image with clickthrough URL
.jpg format <100kb preferred

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$1,198 (plus GST)

per edition

Website Homepage Tile

GPRA website

GPSN website

Dynamic image and text with clickthrough URL
.jpg or .webp format <100kb preferred

See spec sheet for details

$540 (plus GST)

per month

Social Media

GPRA Facebook and Instagram

GPSN Facebook and Instagram

FGP Instagram

Your message as a sponsored post to our audience

Price upon request

Campaign tailored to your needs

GPRA Jobs Board

Distributed via GPRA eNews and posted to website, six-week campaign

Small and Large listings are available

Book a placement

Large placement. $609 (plus GST)

Small placement. $284 (plus GST)

GPRA Book Collection
GP Companion
The General Practice, Written Exams, Clinical Cases Vol 1&2

GP trainees, prevocational doctors and medical students.

Postcards, bookmarks or flysheets, bundled with delivery

Contact us about options available

Price upon request

Campaign tailored to your needs

Discounts are available when multiple bookings are bundled

Let’s talk

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities,
please contact Vicky Triantaflaros.

03 9629 8878