Essential negotiation checklist

Our checklist will help ensure you cover all the important terms and conditions in your employment agreement.

These are the key topics which should be covered in each GP registrar’s employment agreement.

The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) is an agreement that outlines the minimum employment terms and conditions for all GP registrars. It is illegal for practice to give you less than the NTCER minimum.

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Working hours

  • Hours: sessions and locations, educational release time, administration time
  • Training and employment load
  • On-call, after-hours, additional ordinary hours
  • Average number of patients per hour


  • Base salary or percentage of billings or receipts plus superannuation
  • Payment for ordinary hours
  • Payment for off-site work including hospital VMO, nursing home and home visits
  • Payment for after-hours and on-call work
  • Payment for on-call – on premises and off premises
  • The frequency of billing and payment cycles
  • Payment for working on public holidays
  • Payment for each leave type
  • SIP and PIP payments
  • Accommodation and relocation subsidies
  • Any other allowances and expenses

Education and supervision

  • Protected and non-protected in-practice teaching
  • Educational release time
  • Supervision


  • Annual leave
  • Personal/carer’s leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Study leave
  • Parental leave

Other matters

  • Medical indemnity insurance
  • Personal safety and occupational health and safety
  • Fatigue management
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Renegotiation date
  • Dispute resolution process
  • Termination of employment

Contract paperwork

  • Written employment agreement completed, signed and dated by you and your employer before starting work with a copy retained for your records