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As your first year as an intern unfolds, consider seeking independent mentorship and career advice on your choice of specialty outside of your workplace.

However, try to keep your options open in your first year as it is usually too early to make firm decisions on your future career. Keep an open mind about your future specialty and try to obtain as much experience in all areas of medicine, surgery and psychiatry. Your wide experience will be very valuable to your future career and care of your patients, whatever specialty you choose.

–Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM
A reflection on my internship year
By Dr Megan Bleeze
Transitioning from med student to doctor
By Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM
Surviving your intern year
By Dr Jayden Murphy
Burnout in the hospital system
By Dr Claudine Cerda-Pavia
Advice for interns:
Take time to enjoy the ride...

Starting out as a junior doctor is like hopping onto a rollercoaster—you graduate medical school and cannot wait to get on the ride. There is the excitement at being allowed on the ‘big-kid’ rides, there is anticipation, and a lot of cotton candy—or cotton gauze in this case.

But then starts your first day of internship. As you begin that steep climb, the nerves kick in and you catapult into the real world of medicine.

–Dr Arianne Kollosche
Caring for yourself during your intern years

By Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM

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