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GPRA is the only national independent organisation run by GP trainees for GP trainees. We provide the next generation of GPs with free support, advice and resources. We act as your voice and your advocate.
More GPRA members means a stronger voice on issues that matter to GP trainees and stronger political representation
You’ll have access to GPRA support, advocacy, events and more.

What does GPRA offer members?

Exam and learning support
Resources, study partners, study advice, webinars
Employment support
Negotiations, advice, job opportunities
Advice, support, political representation
Wellbeing support
Tips and advice
Conferences, workshops and networking opportunities.

Other member benefits

We negotiate the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER). This agreement outlines the employment terms and conditions for registrars, including their remuneration. The more members we support, the stronger the voice we have for national change.

Political advocacy 

GPRA are the advocates for GP trainees in both the general practice sector and with the Federal Government on issues that matter to GP trainees — an important independent voice in a time of great change to general practice.


GPRA partners with key stakeholders within general practice to bring member discounts and special offers. Some of our key partnerships include:

  • Exam preparation support organisations
  • Discount on selected medical textbooks
  • And much more!
Membership is FREE — it takes one minute to register!
All GP trainees, medical students and prevocational doctors can apply.