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Understanding the NTCER and GP trainee employment arrangements

As a GP registrar, negotiating your employment agreement can be a daunting task. However, it is an essential part of GP training—GPRA is here to support you. This webinar will take you through the basics of the NTCER and negotiating your employment agreement, including not-to-be-missed clauses and items, a negotiation checklist, and more.

For those questions that time did not allow for on the night, please see our Your Questions, Answered document. (PDF).

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Preparing for the KFP: a webinar especially for IMGs

This webinar, presented by Dr Abdul, who is both an IMG and a GP fellow, will help you fine tune in preparation for the upcoming KFP exam

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Fine tuning for the AKT: a webinar especially for IMGs

For many International Medical Graduates (IMGs), also known as overseas trained doctors, exams are a stressful time. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' (RACGP) Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problems (KFP) exam can prove to be particularly stressful.

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Webinar: Optimising your supervision and training with telehealth

Dr Rebekah Hoffman (GPRA Director, Chair of the NSW New Fellows Committee and a GP supervisor), and Dr Allison Hempenstall (ACRRM Registrar Committee Chair), give advice on how trainees can successfully engage in telehealth consultations and undertake training activities with their supervisor.

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Q&A Webinar: COVID-19 impacts on GP trainee employment and training

A panel, including GPRA President, Dr Sama Balasubramanian, GPRA Registrar Advisor, Dr Melanie Smith, RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training Chair, Dr Krystyna de Lange, and ACCRM Registrar Committee Chair, Dr Allison Hempenstall, will be answering questions from GP trainees about how COVID-19 is impacting their employment conditions and training.

Recorded Tuesday 28 April 2020.

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Telehealth consults for GP trainees

Recorded Tuesday 31 March 2020.
Presented by Dr Amandeep Hansra.

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