the world of general practice while you complete your hospital training
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  • Covers many fields of medicine
  • Great work environment
  • Practise in a range of locations
  • Many communities need more GPs

What is the

Future General Practitioner network?

The Future General Practitioner (FGP) network is for Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) that ensures general practice does not fall off the radar during their hospital training.

The network is made up of FGP Ambassadors who are your peers working in your hospital as JMOs or GP registrars. They are supported by FGP Advisors who are late-stage GP registrars and early career GPs.

Our FGP Ambassadors and Advisors are here to support you during your hospital training and can answer any question you may have about general practice or GP training.

How can

the FGP network support me during my training?
Your FGP Ambassadors and Advisors can:
Answer any of your questions about general practice or GP training
Help you with the GP training application process
Support you as you deal with the pressures of hospital rotations
Connect you with other JMOs interested in general practice
Organise FGP talks, presentations and events in your hospital
Help you network with GP registrars, GPs and general practice stakeholders.
  • Diversity of patient presentations
  • Rewarding personal and community connections
  • Ongoing care of patients and families
  • Pursue career opportunities beyond the consultation room

Further support

available to members
By joining the network, you will:
Get a headstart on GP training with important information, resources and support for GP registrars
Receive alerts regarding important GP training application dates
Learn more about your options within GP training and post-GP fellowship
Gain access to exclusive member-only benefits
Receive our bi-monthly FGP eNewsletter

Have a question

about general practice training?
Contact your Ambassador or AdvisorEmail us directlyLearn more about your hospital years

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