Find your RLO

Registrar Liaison Officers (RLOs) provide confidential advice, care, information and support to GP registrars within their college.

All RLOs are automatically members of GPRA’s Advisory Council.
RLOs are employed by the colleges to ensure registrars have support and a way to provide feedback to their organisations.
An RLO is there to support the GP registrars within the training region of their college.

RLOs are there to provide you with support.
They are registrars too, so they understand what you are going through.

RLOs act as a liaison between GP registrars and their college. They also advocate and represent GP registrar interests locally, statewide and federally.

RLOs are there to support you. You may wish to contact your RLO when:

  • you need advice or have questions relating to your training, employment, contract, workplace or work-life balance
  • you need a ‘sounding board’ to talk through your thoughts
  • you need ideas and suggestions specific to your circumstance
  • you need a support person who understands the issues facing GP registrars
  • if you feel isolated or unsupported, or are struggling.

Your RLO will listen to you, and where appropriate they may also:

  • provide advice
  • refer you to a health professional for further support
  • assist with submitting any anonymous or identifiable enquiries or complaints
  • provide emotion support
  • facilitate social or group events that may help GP registrars debrief or support each other.

You can contact your RLO through the details provided below. You may also contact GPRA for confidential advice and support, especially with issues and questions relating to your employment agreement and training.