Part-time Registrar working 16 hours per week agrees to work extra days. Should there be a recalculation of annual and personal leave as days exceed the work agreement?

I am just about to finish my term at my current training practice and will be moving to work at a different practice for my next term. I have one week (38hrs) of annual leave that I have accrued but not taken during my current term. My practice manager is going to deduct this from my percentage billings prior to paying my 13-week payment. Does this sound right?

I am starting GP training next year. If I become pregnant can I access maternity leave? Is it paid leave, or unpaid leave.

How much paid sick leave am I able to take as a GP registrar?

My practice manager has changed my roster so that my day off now coincides with a public holiday. Can they do this?

My practice is shutting down over the Christmas and New Years holidays. While I am being paid my base rate of pay for the public holidays (as they are my normally rostered days of work), the practice manager has informed me that I will be required to take days of annual leave over the closure dates which are not considered public holidays. Is this in line with the NTCER?

My clinic will be opening for only a morning session on the upcoming public holiday (on Monday). On this day of the week (Mondays) I normally work the whole day—both morning and afternoon sessions. I have been asked to work the morning session on this public holiday. How do I get paid for working this session on a public holiday?