I’m working 38hrs over four days with Wednesdays off. When a training day falls on a Wednesday, am I entitled to equivalent time in lieu for that? And if a training day goes for 8hrs does that mean the leave I am entitled to is 8 hrs off in a 9.5hr day?

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Clause 9.2 of the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) describes this situation specifically:

” (c)  Registrars required to attend an educational session on a weekday not on their usual roster shall be granted time off as educational release.”

  • As you are full-time and working full-time hours (38 hours/wk) over 4 days. This means that your work days are going to be 9.5 hours long.
  • If the educational release day falls on a Wednesday and runs from 9am-5pm, so 8 hours long.
  • You will take the 8 hours from the educational release day as time-off in lieu on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • There will be a remaining 1.5 hours which you will have to work.
  • If the educational release day runs for 9.5 hours, then you will have the whole day off as time in lieu.

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