Support services

We all struggle sometimes. But often doctors and medical students spend too much time helping others and neglect their own health.

GPRA recognises this problem and has put together a list of support services for those times when you need help with your own health issues.

All services are confidential and can assist with a wide range of health concerns including stress, mental health issues, substance abuse problems and much more.

DRS4DRS can provide nation-wide, free, confidential crisis and non-urgent mental health support, and have many resources that may assist you.

1300 374 377 (24-hour helpline)

State-based services

Australian Capital Territory and
New South Wales


02 9437 6552 (24-hour helpline and office)

Northern Territory

Doctors’ Health NT

08 8366 0250 (24-hour helpline)


Doctors’ Health in Queensland

07 3833 4352 (24-hour helpline)

South Australia

Doctors’ Health SA

08 8366 0250 (24-hour helpline)


AMA Tasmania

(03) 6223 2047 (office)

The VDHP also provide services to practitioners in Tasmania, see adjacent.


Victorian Doctors Health Program

03 9280 8712 (office)

Western Australia


(08) 9321 3098 (24-hour helpline)

New Zealand

Australasian Doctors’ Heath Network New Zealand

0800 471 2654 (24-hour helpline)
PO Box 812, Wellington, NZ