I am on the Independent Pathway and have verbally negotiated a percentage of billings as a sole trader and have provided ABN and banking details. I have been asked to form a company so I can be paid.

I have heard that GP registrars are eligible to receive payments for training-related expenses. How do I make this happen?

I am not getting a regular pay slip with my fortnightly pay and I think that I might have been underpaid. What do I do?

I get paid base rate for 76 hours per fortnight as per the NTCER. At the end of the month 45% of my total billings for that month are calculated and the difference between this and the base rate that has already been paid to me for the month is my bonus.

When I recently took leave, my base rate pay for the month was actually a bit more than the 45% calculated on total billings at the end of the month. Does this mean I have to pay back the difference as my 45% for the month is less than the base rate payment made?

As a part-time GPT1 registrar, does my base rate of pay change once I’ve completed six calendar months of GPT1 training, or six months full-time equivalent (FTE) training?

I have recently noticed a new deduction of 5% of my billings for company payroll tax. There is nothing mentioned in NTCER about this but my Practice Manager advised that this is an allowable deduction. Is this correct?

My practice has not paid me any leave as I earn over the base salary. Is this in breach of the NTCER?