What to do after accepting your AGPT program training offer

Congratulations! You have accepted your AGPT training offer and you are on your way to a very rewarding career ahead in general practice. The next few months before you start training will fly by, but there are a few things to consider in the meantime.

Ensure that you will complete mandatory hospital rotations

Certain hospital rotations must be completed by doctors in their postgraduate years. These do not have to be completed before application or entry into the training program, however, all rotations should be completed prior to the second year of the AGPT Program where possible. Paediatric clinical experience is also required prior to starting your first GP rotation. Full details of the requirements can be found for RACGP here and ACCRM here

Get your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) sorted

If you have completed additional hospital experience post-general registration, you may be eligible for an RPL once you start the AGPT Program. Prioritise collating all hospital letters of service and end of rotation assessments from PGY2 onwards for this application. You will have to submit your RPL application by a certain date, which is set by your college. Please contact your training college for further information.

Apply to practices

As you finish up any remaining hospital training time and hospital rotations, you will be required to apply to GP practices where you will complete your GP training. Applications are usually run a few months before the new training term starts, so check with your relevant college when applications to practices begin. It is essential to have an updated CV and cover letter ready, as these will describe your experiences and skills. Once you have been allocated to a practice, your provider number application is required before you start, so make sure to organise this early.

Think about the type of training you want

Consider whether you will be working full-time or part-time during your clinic rotations and discuss with your college how taking leave could impact your training (e.g. maternity leave). It is also worth considering what training posts are available for extended skills so talk to your college about what the application process might look like if you are interested.

Consider relocation

You may have accepted an offer far from home, in a different region or state to where you currently live. If you are required to move, it is important to keep in mind accommodation, family, travel requirements and social clubs, and how these aspects will affect you. 

Monitor changing financial situations

Check whether training will have a drastic impact on your income, and how that could change your current financial situation. You can find information about pay for GP registrars here

Keep in contact with your college

After accepting your AGPT offer, your college will be in close communication with you. They will provide important information and detailed requirements, so keep a close eye on your email inbox! 

Become a member of your college

You will need to become a member of your respective college. Note that RACGP trainees are required to become financial RACGP members after joining the Vocational Training Pathway. 

Complete an accredited CPR course

An accredited CPR course should be completed within a year of starting your first general practice rotation. Check with your college for more details.

By Dr Cheten Mistry

Dr Mistry is a recent new Fellow and a previous FGP Advisor.