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FGP Advisors are late-stage GP registrars and early career GPs; they are people who have real experience in the GP training program and in the practice room with patients. They can talk to you, doctor to doctor, about what it is like in general practice.

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Dr Bree Wright, WA

Meet Dr Wright

Born and bred in WA, I studied medicine at the University of Western Australia (UWA). I now work as a GP in Perth.

Aside from my clinical practice, I am passionate about general practice training and medical education, having previously served as a Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) for our state’s GP training provider, WAGPET, and attended multiple outreach events at our tertiary hospitals representing WAGPET and discussing the GP training program.Since attaining fellowship, I have performed External Clinical Teaching (ECT) visits for WAGPET and I regularly assist with the RACGP Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs) as an assessor.

In addition, I am a Sessional Academic at Curtin Medical School (having previously tutored at UWA), and have also been involved in the UWA clinical mentor program for three years.

Life is crazy busy—I juggle five kids and an amazing husband (plus I try to squeeze in a few Pilates sessions each week).

I love my job and feel very blessed to share in the lives of my patients.

Dr Cheten Mistry, Vic

Meet Dr Mistry

I am currently a GP registrar in my final term working in Melbourne. I grew up in Wollongong, and completed my undergraduate and medical degree in Sydney. I spent a few years training at St George Hospital before relocating to Melbourne for GP Training with EVGPT.

I have always had a strong interest in becoming a GP since I started medicine. During my training, I realised that I enjoy a wide variety of clinical presentations, particular in the community setting, so general practice was the place for me. I have really enjoyed my time so far in this profession and I have never looked back.

One of the many perks of working in general practice is the flexibility that you have to fulfil other interests. This has allowed me to work part time as a medical educator within general practice training. I have also worked as a Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) within EVGPT in a leadership role providing support to fellow registrars.

In my role as a FGP Advisor, I look forward to providing ongoing support and guidance to all doctors that are interested in a career in general practice.

Dr Natasha Nottingham, SA

Meet Dr Nottingham

I am a RACGP urban GP Registrar working in Aldinga, a beachside town 45 kilometres south of Adelaide. My journey into GP training began during internship when, inspired by the diversity of general practice, I applied for the AGPT program. I thoroughly enjoyed all my internship rotations. I loved the complexity of general medicine, the fast-paced nature of the emergency department, the challenges of haematology and the joy of paediatrics. I realised only general practice would allow me to utilise the skills I had learnt in each of these areas, on a daily basis. The opportunity to build long-term relationships with patients and the upstream approach to disease further reinforced my desire to apply for GP training.

I developed my special interest in women’s health whilst undertaking a six-month obstetrics and gynaecology resident position at Flinders Medical Centre. Utilising this experience, I applied to the Obstetric Shared Care Program and I now deliver antenatal care to women in the community.

Prior to venturing out into community general practice training, I completed my Extended Skills Training in paediatrics and emergency medicine. My first community placement was in Glenelg and at the beginning of 2020 I moved to Aldinga Medical Centre. I love being a GP Registrar and I love working at Aldinga so much so that I will be staying on at this practice for 2021. I expect to sit the written RACGP fellowship exams in February 2021.

When I am not consulting or studying, I am working as a Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) for GPEx. Through this role, I provide advocacy and support for other registrars. RLOs are also involved in regular meetings with GPEx with the aim of continually reviewing and improving the training experience for registrars.

I am most excited to take on the advisor role with the FGP network. I feel that general practice has a lot to offer but unfortunately is sometimes overlooked by junior doctors due to lack of exposure to quality general practice terms. There is an opportunity to make a profound difference in patients’ lives as a GP, to slow the progression of disease, to tackle preventable illness and to keep patients in their home with their loved ones. It is a career that is both challenging and rewarding and I fervently look forward to supporting the next generation in their path towards general practice training.

Dr Nada Abu Alrub, NSW

Meet Dr Nada Abu Alrub

Dr Nada Abu Alrub, has substantial experience in many medical and surgical fields. She practiced two years in Jordan where she’s done a year of internship, followed by an Obstetrics & Gynaecology year as an accredited registrar. She then moved to do her further medical and surgical training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney from 2014-2018 where she got the opportunity to undertake a diverse range of placements in speciality and subspecialty areas including Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Geriatrics & Rehabilitation, Melanoma and Surgical Oncology, Colorectal Surgery, General Surgery, ENT, and Urology. This allowed her to broaden her knowledge and skills in managing both common and complex medical issues.

Followed by a 6-months rotation as a Dermatology Clinical Research Fellow, at St. George Hospital in Sydney. She currently works as a GP registrar at the Pius X AMS in Moree, Toomelah, and Mungindi, where she works closely with the Aboriginal community since February 2019, she also had previous experience with working with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities during her hospital work in Sydney and Dubbo, and during her Indigenous Health Promotion project at Sydney University, as part of Masters in International Public Health studies.

She also makes sure to continue her humanitarian medical work by volunteering for about a month each year in humanitarian medical missions overseas, at refugee camps, and areas of need. She enjoys the diverse scope of medicine and surgery, and found during her medical training journey her niche in the specialty of general practice, and her passion is to continue to work as a doctor and provide medical services where it's most needed.

Dr Susan Roberts, NSW

Meet Dr Susan Roberts

I am a final term GP registrar on the rural pathway in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW.

I am an IMG, having grown up in the UK and completed my medical degree at the University of Exeter, UK. I worked in the NHS in England for two years prior to moving to Australia to work at Tweed Heads Emergency Department. The move was initially supposed to be for a year but I enjoyed the place, the people and the job so much I have made Australia home, along with my husband and newborn daughter.

When I started GP training, I wanted to stay in the area which had enticed me to relocate 10,000 miles away, so I commenced training in North Coast, Northern NSW. Before GP training I dabbled in anaesthetics and emergency medicine before deciding that general practice was the specialty for me. I love the variety that comes with each day and having regular patients whom I get to know well and build solid doctor-patient relationships. Seeing patients progress over time and helping them to overcome illness and challenges is extremely rewarding.

I have quite varied interests within medicine and GP work allows me to pursue those interests whilst being able to continue working clinically. I completed a masters in medical law and ethics during GP training and I have a PGCert in medical education and have been able to work part-time as a clinical teaching fellow at a university, as a registrar liaison officer with GP Synergy and, my current position, as a registrar medical educator with GP Synergy all during my training. I plan to continue to work in those fields on completion of my GP fellowship.

I look forward to working with Australia’s future GPs to provide guidance and advice in my role as an FGP Advisor.

FGP Ambassadors

FGP Ambassadors are your peers working in your hospital as JMOs or GP registrars. They can support you as someone who understands what you are going through, and can help answer any questions you may have.

To get in touch with your FGP Ambassador please email fgpenquiries@gpra.org.au

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South Australia

Dr Evan Garret
Northern Adelaide Local Health Network


I'm Evan, one of the GPRA Representatives at the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NAHLN). I've always had an interest in general practice since having great experiences on placement in Adelaide Clinics, Broken Hill Indigenous Health Centre and working with the RFDS. I love talking to patients and having the continuity of care that GP offers, as well as the more flexible lifestyle allowing travel and subspecialisation. After training I want to work as a rural GP in a Canadian ski field.

Dr Nicola Wood
South Australia


I’m a junior doctor with a rural background, currently residing in southern Adelaide. I am passionate about medical education and addressing the priority health concerns of the community. I desire a clinical fellowship that will give me a broad platform to treat, educate and advocate from. Whilst I have not yet formally embarked on my training, I am confident that a career as a GP is my desired destination. In 2021 I am dedicating my time to expanding my clinical skills through working as a JMO in the Emergency Department and in my skills in medical education by continuing in my academic role at Flinders University. I believe development of these skills sets will serve me well when I embark on my career as a GP.

Dr Alice Dalrymple
Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia


I’m completing my first year as a Rural General Practice registrar with RACGP at Flinders Medical Centre, a major public teaching hospital south of Adelaide CBD. At medical school, I wanted to be just about everything at one time or another, be it a Neurologist, Obstetrician, Psychiatrist, or Anaesthetist. The experience I am most grateful for, however, was the 20 Thursday mornings I spent at a small surgery in the Adelaide Hills; the doctors were excellent, the practice staff second to none, and the patients a pleasure to know. Now, as a junior doctor, I want to be that “specialist in life”, proficient in all sorts of skills, connected to families, and dedicated to providing exemplary care on the frontline.

My family is originally from England but, after 14 years “Down Under”, we now consider ourselves Aussies. I had a globe-trotting upbringing – my father served as a General Practitioner in the British Army – and spent time in Germany, Northern Ireland, and Brunei before calling Australia home. We initially settled in Horsham in Victoria and later spent 8 years in Albury Wodonga on the New South Wales border. Rural Australia is thus not unfamiliar to me. Adelaide is a wonderful city (in my opinion, Australia’s best kept secret!) but I don’t want to live or work in the middle of it. Instead, I want to belong to and care for our hardworking smaller communities.

My interests include Women’s Health, Mental Health, Emergency Medicine, and Paediatrics and I hope to obtain further qualifications in these areas as I progress through General Practice training. I also love teaching, largely thanks to tutoring junior medical students in Anatomy, and am looking forwards to supporting colleagues in their learning over the coming years. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and am endeavouring to improve my presently questionable baking skills and spend more time cycling.



Dr Casey O'Connor
Latrobe Regional Hospital, Vic


Hi! My name is Casey and I am an intern working in my home region, Gippsland.

From when I started studying medicine I had always planned to enter a career in general practice, it was only later that I developed a special interest in palliative care.

We are very fortunate in the regional sector to have the option of rotating through general practice as an intern.

I have found working at Heyfield Medical Centre a fantastic opportunity to better understand what a career in general practice might be like, and how much it differs from practicing in the hospital.

I feel that my general practice rotation as an intern has been an even more rewarding experience than it was as a student. The brilliant support and supervision remains, but I think that the difference lies in having more clinical responsibility for patients and more capacity for decision making.

I have found my rotation at HMC very rewarding so far, and I would encourage anyone who is considering a career in general practice to see if they can access a rotation in a clinic as a junior doctor.

For myself, it has reiterated that this is a career path I am passionate about pursuing. I am delighted that in pursuing general practice I will be able to also train in palliative care, and be supported to work across both specialties.

Dr Louise Hannon
Eastern Health, Vic


Bio to come.

Dr Aimee Kellow
Latrobe Regional Hospital, Vic


Bio to come.

Dr Serena Menezes
Monash Health, Melbourne


I am a junior doctor based in Melbourne. I was fortunate to be placed with an inspiring GP practice during my medical school years and through the years since then, I’ve consistently found that general practice is the only specialty that provides all the aspects of medicine that I enjoy and I’m passionate about – seeing a variety of patient presentations, providing continuity of care and practicing preventative medicine.

I am excited to embark on my GP training and hope that I can be a valuable source of information for anyone considering GP training and help point you in the right direction.

Western Australia

Dr Sonu Thaker
Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA



Sonu is currently an RMO at Fiona Stanley Hospital and the FGP JMO representative for the hospital. He has had a keen interest in general practice since early on in his training, and was involved with the General Practice Students Network while a medical student. Through his time at the hospital, he has developed interest in emergency medicine, paediatrics and mental health, and wishes to hone these interests as a GP in the near future.Sonu values the variety and breadth of practice GP has to offer, as well as the lifestyle options. He would be happy to be a point of contact for JMOs wanting to consider or know more about General Practice and training pathways.

Dr Jessica Piggott
Royal Perth Hospital, WA



Jess is an intern at Royal Perth Hospital. She comes from a rural background, and has her sights set on becoming a rural generalist somewhere at the top of Australia. She likes swimming in gorges, mangos and BBQs with friends, and hopes to combine the GP life with all of the above.

Dr Claudine Cerda-Pavia
St John of God Health Care, WA


Claudine is a junior medical doctor and experienced management consultant, and provides consulting services to health professional businesses.

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