AGPT training timeframes

While there is an expectation that GP registrars complete their training under the AGPT program within a certain timeframe, there is flexibility on offer regarding part-time, caps, and extensions.

Training timeframes

Registrars are expected to achieve Fellowship within the relevant training time cap specified for each of the colleges:

  •  4 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) years if seeking Fellowship of RACGP;
  • 5 FTE years if seeking Fellowship of ACRRM, both ACRRM and RACGP, or RACGP and FARGP; and
  • 6 FTE years if seeking Fellowship of ACRRM and undertaking Advanced Specialised Training in surgery.

The training time cap as specified above includes all training terms required by the relevant college, with an additional 12 months to allow for any extensions of training time, or leave.

The training time cap excludes legislated leave (such as parental leave) as specified in the AGPT Program Leave Policy 2020.

Registrars who elect to undertake Rural Generalist Training on the AGPT program, under the AGPT Rural Generalist Policy 2020, will have an additional 52 weeks FTE to undertake an additional skills training and a further additional 52 weeks FTE to allow for leave and extensions of training time if required.

Part-time training

Generally, registrars should commence their training on the AGPT program on a full-time basis and are supported to undertake full-time training to obtain fellowship.

Registrars are able to seek part-time training arrangements if this flexibility is required. Any arrangement for the provision of part-time training will need to be discussed between the registrar and their college.

Registrars who wish to train part-time must adhere to the minimum part-time requirements specified by the relevant college. In the past 10 years, approximately 20% of registrars have elected to undertake their training part-time over the course of the time they are in the AGPT Program.

For those seeking part-time arrangements, in the first instance please talk to your college to facilitate an appropriate placement.

Extensions of training time or leave

In addition to leave entitlements through employment contracts, registrars have access to leave from the AGPT program, such as unpaid parental leave, sick or carer’s leave, Australian Defence Force service leave (which does not count towards the training time cap), and additional leave for personal reasons (which does count towards the training time cap).

Generally, the deferral of the commencement of training is not permitted, but may be considered in certain circumstances as detailed in the AGPT Program Leave Policy 2020.

During the course of training on the AGPT program, circumstances may arise that require registrars to extend their training time.

Registrars may seek an extension to their training time as per the categories of extension and circumstances detailed in the AGPT Extension of Training Time Policy 2020.

This information has been taken from the Department of Health’s General Practice Training in Australia – The Guide.