Advice on common GP trainee COVID-19 issues

This is a stressful time for everyone in general practice—particularly for GP trainees.

With a growing number of concerns raised by GPRA members about exams, training time, placements, contracts and leave, GPRA has also felt the impact.

As we respond to issues related to the current pandemic situation from our members, we are beginning to see common issues and concerns. As such, we have provided a list below for your reference.

COVID-19 screening tests must be expedited for all frontline medical staff

“GPRA has received a number of reports from GP trainees having to wait for more than three days to receive their COVID-19 test result. GP trainees have quite limited paid sick leave to cover this time out of practice. If their COVID-19 test is found to be negative they must be supported in their return to work when deemed safe, according to our evolving public health criteria”.