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FGP Ambassadors

This is a voluntary role for those passionate about promoting general practice as a specialty of choice to their hospital-based peers. FGP Ambassadors are typically Junior Medical Officers (JMOs), and CCT and HTT GP registrars. You will be well supported by your FGP Advisor and by GPRA.


What are the responsibilities of an FGP Ambassador?

An FGP Ambassador is the on the ground advocate for general practice within a hospital. It is their role to promote general practice as a specialty of choice to JMOs by:

  • provide JMOs with general information on general practice careers and the training program, but direct specific enquiries to their FGP Advisor
  • help their FGP Advisor to organise events, speak at hospital information sessions, and to identify further opportunities to promote general practice within their hospital
  • introduce themselves, and their role, to medical education officers and other key hospital stakeholders such as HMO/JMO managers
  • be the on-the-ground contact point to JMOs linking them to general practice and the FGP Advisor
  • attend intern orientations to promote the network and the role of the FGP Ambassador
  • distribute marketing materials (such as posters and the annual GP Registrar magazine and FGP membership forms) to JMOs and in resident quarters and other appropriate recreation areas.


Why should I consider becoming an FGP Ambassador?

  • be involved in leadership and advocacy during your hospital training
  • it is an extracurricular activity which looks great on your CV and can lead to future leadership and advocacy roles within the GP sector
  • get to know more about general practice and GP training while supporting your peers by helping them choose their specialty
  • you will be supported in your own journey towards general practice through the support of your GP Advisor and GPRA.


What previous experience is necessary?

No previous experience is necessary. FGP Ambassadors must have a passion and a commitment to general practice. This role is well-suited to GP Registrars undertaking their Hospital Training Time (HTT) or Core Clinical Training (CCT) time, as well as JMOs with a demonstrated interest in general practice.

GPRA understands that for many JMOs, the decision on a specialty choice is subject to
change. We ask that if you no longer want to pursue a career in general practice, you
discuss this with your GPRA State Coordinator as soon as possible and assist in finding a replacement. The FGP Ambassador will be fully supported by their FGP Advisor and the GPRA State Coordinator who will carry out all relevant administration, planning and organisational duties. This allows the FGP Ambassador to focus on networking with their peers and promoting the network and general practice.

Please note the role of the GP Ambassador is a voluntary one.

Applications for FGP Ambassadors are currently closed. Contact us at for more information or to register your interest.


FGP Advisors

FGP Advisors are the key figure in their state linking JMOs and FGP Ambassadors to general practice, GP training, and the GP sector.

They promote general practice as the specialty of choice to JMOs in their state and act as a role model and advisor for those seeking guidance on GP training, career options and more.

An FGP Advisor provides leadership and mentorship to the FGP Ambassadors in their region. They support FGP Ambassadors by providing an authentic and authoritative voice on general practice.


Why should I become an FGP Advisor?

  • inspire and influence JMOs to pick general practice as their specialty
  • guide and direct JMOs who have chosen general practice as they make key GP training and career decisions
  • develop your leadership and mentoring skills
  • enhance your profile and make key contacts within the GP training sector.


What are the responsibilities of an FGP Advisor?

  • liaise and support FGP Ambassadors within their local hospital region
  • give honest and useful advice about general practice and GP training (including prerequisites, application and selection processes, training pathway and program options, and future career opportunities) to JMOs
  • respond to specific enquiries from JMOs about GP training
  • work closely with GPRA, RTOs, medical colleges (ACRRM & RACGP) and local FGP Ambassadors to identify, develop and deliver promotional opportunities
  • attend local events, and where possible, present and act as a spokesperson for the FGP network and general practice
  • provide content for GPRA communications channels
  • develop relationships with RTO staff, and hospital staff responsible for JMOs, and investigate opportunities to participate in events or education sessions
  • take part in planning meetings with GPRA to review and provide feedback on events and activities, and assist with future planning activities
  • provide regular reports to GPRA on activities and enquiries received.

FGP Advisors are supported by a financial stipend. The role requires up to 10 hours of work each month. It is important to note that this will change from month to month depending on term dates (months closer to key AGPT application dates may require 15–20 hours while others will require minimal hours).

Applications for FGP Advisors are currently closed. Contact us at for more information or to register your interest.

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