AGPT Application and Selection Process

Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program Entry in 2020: Application and Selection Process

This information is from the Department of Health's AGPT factsheet.

Apply online through your preferred College/s

You apply to the AGPT Program through the College that you wish to achieve Fellowship with. If you wish to undertake a dual Fellowship you will need to apply to both Colleges within the same year, nominate the same training region and rural pathway preferences for both Colleges and complete the training concurrently.

Applications open 10:00am AEDT Monday 25 March 2019 to 10:00am AEST Monday 29 April 2019.

Please note the variance if you are in a different time zone.

Access to the application form can be found at the Colleges website:

Eligible applicants pay the College application fee and participate in the College selection assessment process


  • A non-refundable $770 application fee
  • Responsible for 10% of training places nationally
  • Offers rural pathway training places
  • Written submissions must be completed before the closing date of the AGPT application
  • Referee reports
  • Interviews


  • A non-refundable $725 application fee
  • Responsible for 90% of training places nationally
  • Offers general and rural pathway training places
  • Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) computer-based assessment
  • Interviews


Determine the appropriate rural and/or general pathway

The AGPT program has two training pathways: Rural Pathway and General Pathway.

The Rural Pathway encompasses a large percentage of the Australian countryside reaching from towns on the fringe of capital cities to regional coastal areas and remote outback locations. Doctors who train on the rural pathway must train in MM2–7 locations.

The General Pathway is for doctors who choose to train primarily in inner and outer metropolitan locations or have the flexibility to train anywhere within the training region. Doctors on the general pathway can train in MM 1–7 locations.

Applicants for the AGPT Program must nominate either the general or rural pathway for each training region preference.

To view an interactive map and search for MM locations visit the DoctorConnect website.

For information about Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 please refer to the 2020 AGPT Eligibility Guidelines. Please refer to the 2020 AGPT Eligibility Guidelines for further information.


Choose your preferred training region

The Department of Health contracts nine Regional Training Organisations (RTO) to deliver the AGPT Program.

Each of the nine RTOs occupies one or more training regions throughout Australia. A map of the training regions can be seen here.

  • Applicants nominate their preferred training region/s; however they aren’t typically able to choose a specific location within that training region to undertake their training.
  • Applicants are encouraged to choose up to four training region preferences.
  • Applicants should choose training region/s they wish to train in, for the duration of their AGPT training.
  • Applicants are only able to accept training place offers in one training region.
  • An applicant’s eligibility will be assessed for the AGPT Program’s 2020 intake by the Department of Health.

It is recommended that applicants read the 2020 AGPT Eligibility Guidelines for detailed
information on eligibility.

  • Eligible applicants details will be released to the College/s who will contact applicants
  • Ineligible applicants will be notified via email by the Department of Health

Applicants are encouraged to review their preferred RTO/s websites, or contact them directly, for further information. A list of RTOs and training regions is available on the AGPT website.


Training Place Offers

Applicants will be shortlisted to their highest available training region preference, for training place offer consideration. RTOs will advise applicants if they have received a training place offer.

  • Successful applicants have seven days to accept or reject the offer of a training place.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may participate in new intakes in the same application year, should they be available and dependent on College policy.
  • There is no guarantee of further intakes.


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