MBS Billings

Confused about MBS billings?

Helpful information and brief summaries of useful Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers for GP registrars.

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Please note: GPRA provides general information on Medicare Item Numbers. Under the Health Insurance Act 1973 you are legally responsible for services billed to Medicare under your Medicare provider number or in your name. As such you are responsible for ensuring that item numbers are correctly used in patient billings. Please refer to the MBS for the definition of each item number and its associated notes. Please contact the AskMBS Email Advice Service for specific advice on matters relating to the interpretation of MBS items.

Diagnostic biopsy of skin

Diagnostic biopsy of skin, as an independent procedure, if the biopsy specimen is sent for pathological examination.

Item number: 30071
Fee: $52.50

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A Diagnostic biopsy of skin, as an independent procedure, if the biopsy specimen is sent for pathological examination.

Including punch and shave biopsy of a suspicious skin lesion billed at the time of the procedure, can be billed for each biopsy done on the same or that day (ie if 3x punch biopsies done bill 30071,30071,30071)

Includes-multiple billing rule

Where you are paid 100% of the first billed number,50%second and 25% of third (& subsequent procedures ie $52.50+$26.25+$13.13=$91.86 for x3 biopsies)

After hours attendances have different item numbers

While item 23 is used for standard consultations (Level B, less than 20 minutes) in consulting rooms, there is a different item number for after hours:

Item number: 5020
Fee: $49-

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Level B (less than 20min attendance) that is provided in consulting rooms (i.e. at the practice):

  • on a public holiday;
  • on a Sunday;
  • before 8am, or after 1pm on a Saturday;
  • before 8am, or after 8pm on any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

Similarly, there are after hour item numbers for the other in practice consultations:

Urine pregnancy test

Item number: 73806
Fee: $10.15

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This can be billed/added to consult numbers such as 23 and 36 if a hCG urine test is done during the consult.

12 lead Electrocardiography and report

Item number: 11700
Fee: $31.25

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Can be billed/added to consult numbers such as 23 and 36 when an ECG is done and interpreted by the billing doctor.

If the ECG is recorded for the purpose of interpretation by another medical practitioner then item 11702 applies, or if you are interpreting an ECG trace recorded by another medical practitioner in a separate consultation then item 11701 is used.

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