General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA)



GPRA is an organisation which among other things, provides information and guidance (Information) to its members regarding employment arrangements and training requirements for general practice trainees in Australia and on matters concerning being involved in general practice and the potential trajectory doctors might expect their career path to achieve.

The Information is provided in the form of FAQ sheets, articles, newsletters, social media posts, and by face to face contact with members.

The Information is provided in good faith by GPRA, its officers, employees and contractors (collectively GPRA Information Providers and individually, GPRA Information Provider).


By accepting the Information it is acknowledged, accepted and agreed that:

  1. GPRA Information Providers do not purport to provide, nor do they provide, professional legal, accounting, financial, taxation or employment advice or any other advice of a professional and expert nature;
  2. Information provided by GPRA Information Providers is of a general nature only and may not be relied on by members as concluded expert professional advice on the subject matter of such Information;
  3. if members wish to obtain concluded professional advice on any matter raised by them with a GPRA Information Provider, they are encouraged to consult an independent suitably qualified expert legal, financial, accounting, taxation or employment consultant or such other independent professional consultant having professional expertise in the area of the information sought;
  4. GPRA Information Providers do not warrant or guarantee the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability or fitness for purpose of any Information;
  5. GPRA Information Providers are not obliged to update any information or correct any inaccuracy which may become known to them;
  6. GPRA Information Providers exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, all warranties (whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise and specifically any implied warranties or conditions of fitness for purpose) in relation to any Information;
  7. GPRA Information Providers accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever in law or in equity for any loss or damage arising out of any Information or the provision of any information given by them or any of them to members and members forever release and discharge GPRA and any GPRA Information Provider from any claim, suit, demand or cause of action whatsoever in relation to any information provided to them;
  8. any member receiving Information from a GPRA Information Provider agrees to indemnify GPRA and the relevant GPRA Information Provider and keep GPRA and the relevant GPRA Information Provider indemnified against any loss and damage whatsoever incurred or suffered by GPRA and the relevant GPRA Information Provider arising out of or in any way connected with the Information provided to the member.

Version number: 1.1
Last updated 18/6/2020