Regional Training Organisations (RTO)

What is an RTO?

The GP training program is delivered by a national network of Regional Training Organisations (RTO). The Department of Health contracts nine Regional Training Organisations (RTO) to deliver the AGPT Program.

What area do Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) cover?
Each of the nine RTOs occupies one or more training regions throughout Australia. There are 11 training regions and nine RTOs in Australia. map of the training regions can be seen here.


What is the difference between an RTO and a GP College?
An RTO delivers your GP training -- they are your education providers.
Your GP College (ACRRM and/or RACGP) accredits the RTOs against their standards, and will provide ongoing professional development once you Fellow.


Do RTOs only cover AGPT GP Registrars?
Yes. If you are under another College program (for example, ACRRM's Independent Pathway or RACGP's PEP pathway), your College (ACRRM or RACGP) will deliver your training, NOT an RTO.


Do I apply for the AGPT program through my RTO?
You DO NOT apply for the AGPT program through the RTO; you apply through your chosen medical college (ACRRM or RACGP). During the application process, you will nominate up to four training regions within an RTO.


Can I choose to train in a specific location?
You can only choose a training region (ie. North Eastern NSW), not a specific location (ie. Coramba, Coffs Harbour), and you will stay in that region for the duration of your training. Applicants are shortlisted to their highest available training region preference. Applicants are only able to accept training place offers in one training region.


Do I have to stay in my training region for the duration of my training?
Applicants should choose training region/s they wish to train in for the duration of their AGPT training. Transfers between training regions and RTOs are available, but these are mostly due to unforeseen and extra-ordinary circumstances (for example, you are an ADF GP Registrar and you have been relocated by the ADF). The rule of thumb is this: plan to stay within your training region for the duration of your AGPT training.


How are the RTOs different from each other?
There are differences to the details in how each RTO delivers your training and what experiences they can offer you during your training. For example, some RTOs will have frequent, smaller educational sessions throughout the year, while others may have one or two multi-day education conferences. Likewise, due to the location of their training region/s, some RTOs may be able to offer you a more comprehensive experience in a specific sub-specialty skill of interest (ie. remote medicine).

For more information, visit the Department of Health's website.

Current RTOs and regions:

Western Victoria
Murray City Country Coast GP Training
1300 MCCC GP (1300 6222 47)

Eastern Victoria
Eastern Victoria GP Training
1300 851 753

General Practice Training Tasmania
+61 (03) 6215 5000

South Australia
1300 473 972 or 08 8490 0400

Western Australia
Western Australia General Practice Education Training
(08) 9473 8200

Northern Territory
Northern Territory General Practice Education
(08) 8946 7079

North West Queensland
JCU General Practice Training
(07) 4781 3262

South East Queensland
General Practice Training Queensland
07 3552 8100

New South Wales
GP Synergy Limited
1300 477 963

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