Extended skills

There are a range of extended skills posts available as part of the GP training program. Each Regional Training Organisation (RTO) offers different options.

Extended skills posts to meet your clinical interests are negotiated between you and your RTO.

Once you are with an RTO, talk to them about your interests in advance. This will help your RTO plan out your GP training.

Below are some of the extended skills posts you can experience as part of your GP training.

  • Aboriginal health
  • academic research
  • aged care
  • alpine sports medicine
  • anaesthetics
  • aviation medicine
  • child and adolescent health
  • chronic disease management
  • critical care
  • custodial medicine
  • dermatology
  • disability medicine
  • drug and alcohol medicine
  • emergency medicine
  • family planning
  • forensic medicine
  • geriatrics
  • health policy
  • hospital in the home
  • medical education
  • mental health
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • paediatrics
  • palliative care
  • psychiatry
  • sexual health
  • skin cancer medicine
  • sports medicine
  • and more.

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