Terms and conditions of employment

National Minimum Terms and Conditions of employment

The National Minimum Terms and Conditions (NMTC) of employment for GPT1 and GPT2 registrars is negotiated every two years in its entirety (2014, 2016, etc.) by GPRA and GPSA (General Practice Supervisors Australia). Once negotiations are complete, the finalised NTMC acts as a contractual instrument for GP registrar salaries and employment conditions. Currently the NMTC applies to GPT1 and GPT2 registrars only. The NMTC is indexed annually via the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS).

The NMTC does not cover registrars at GPT3 and beyond who work in a private practice. GPT3 registrars should negotiate their own terms and conditions. They are able to negotiate market rates and they are typically paid a percentage of their billings similar or better than the GPT2 minimum rate.

NMTC compliance

All training providers within the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) are contractually obliged to comply with the NMTC. If a training establishment refuses to comply with NMTC then it will not receive GPET accreditation to train GPT1 and GPT2 registrars. Please note: Australian Defence Force registrars may have different terms and conditions.

Registrars are legally viewed as employees

Legal advice we have obtained as well as information provided by the Australian Tax Office clearly states that registrars are legally viewed as employees. It is illegal to incorrectly treat employees as contractors, and the ATO is currently prosecuting entities that do so. The main reason for employers to engage registrars as contractors is to avoid paying various taxes. Tax fraud is illegal.

This Australian Doctor article discusses the matter thoroughly. (requires an account)

The 2014 National Terms and Conditions and Changes to MBS Indexing As a result of a decision in the 2013-14 Budget, the indexation of the Medicare Benefits Scheme is being realigned with the financial year.

This means that MBS fees will be next indexed on 1 July 2014. Historically, indexation of most MBS items occurred on 1 November each year.

The National Minimum Terms and Conditions (NMTC) for GPT1/2 registrars contains base-rates that are indexed via the MBS rate. Due to the realignment of indexation, no indexing of base-rates will occur in 2013. The next indexation is expected in July 2014.

The National Minimum Terms and Conditions for training year 2013 will remain in effect until the next MBS indexing is announced. We suggest all practices and registrars continue to use the 2013 NMTC until a new document is renegotiated with General Practice Supervisors Australia.

General Practice Registrars Australia and General Practice Supervisors Australia will be entering negotiations of the 2015/2016 NMTC commencing in 2014. Members are encouraged to get involved with this process by providing feedback to your local Regional Liaison Officer or through the GPRA Terms and Conditions Subcommittee.

Changes to superannuation from 1 July 2013From 1 July 2013, the superannuation guarantee rate has increased to 9.25%. Ensure your employment agreement reflects this change. Contact registrarenquiries@gpra.org.au for further information.

This increase in superannuation has altered the percentage of billings calculations. See Section 7 of the National Minimum Terms and Conditions for more details.

Read more from the Australian Tax Office here.

How to negotiate your registrar employment agreement

  1. Read the relevant NMTC for details of the minimum entitlements and obligations your employment contract should cover.
  2. Check with your RTP, they may require you to have a signed contract before you commence a placement. Click here to read or download our employment agreement template.
  3. You can negotiate with your employer for conditions and benefits that are greater than the NMTC.  Click here to view our negotiation guide.

How much are other GP registrars actually earning?

While the NMTC of employment for GPT1 and GPT2 registrars details the minimum terms and conditions for registrars, the GPRA Terms and Conditions Benchmarking Survey provides an overview of current GP registrar working conditions.

It covers general demographics, employment conditions, negotiating terms of employment, billing profile and earning capacity.

To can get a rough estimate of what your income based on billings may be use the GPRA earning calculator.

General enquiries can be directed to your Registrar Liaison Officer or our registrar services team at registrarenquiries@gpra.org.au or phone 03 9629 8878.


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