I have recently started my GPT2 term in a new practice and my salary hasn’t changed compared to my GPT1 term, as I am only getting paid 44.79% of my total billings. Am I being underpaid?

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As per NTCER Schedule A Remuneration, your base rate of pay does increase from GPT1 ($39.67/hr) to GPT2 ($47.69/hr) however, the minimum percentage of billings is 44.79% across all levels of training. It is recommended that you check your pay slip and/or follow up with your practice manager to ensure that your base rate of pay is correct.

You are free to try to negotiate a higher percentage of billings in your employment contract (NTCER cl. 2); however the training practice is under no obligation to meet such a request. A 3-month review (as per NTCER cl 11) may be another opportunity to discuss remuneration and pay cycles with your employer.