My roster has me working from 8 am to 5 pm on four weekdays, which includes 30 minutes of admin time and a 30 minute lunch break on these days. I also work one half-day a week as well. I am at work for 40 hours per week, but I am only being paid for 38 hours. Is this correct?

The NTCER outlines your minimum employment terms and conditions

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Yes. As per the NTCER clause 10.6, activities that occur during your paid ordinary hours include the following:

a) normal general practice activities such as: 

  • Scheduled consulting time (whether seeing patients or not)
  • Home, hospital and nursing home visits including travel time
  • Administrative time (e.g. writing notes, telephone calls, reports);

b) practice-based teaching time; and 

c) educational release time.

Admin time is 2.5 hours per week (NTCER clause 9.2) for registrars working full time and this is paid time. This allows you to have time to go through patient results and to do other administrative tasks. This is protected time (typically 15 minutes per half-day session) and so you should not have patients booked during this period.

Meal breaks are not included in your ordinary hours (NTCER clause 10.3) and are therefore unpaid. It is important that you do not work (see patients or do admin tasks) during this time as not only because you are not being paid for this period, but having a break is important for your well-being and fatigue management.