How to negotiate

Negotiating your employment agreement

Many registrars find the negotiation of an employment agreement quite challenging. GPRA have developed tools to make the process easier for our members.

Firstly, use our Employment Agreement Template during the negotiation process. Download, read, and understand the document before you start to negotiate. Negotiation ends when this document is signed and becomes a legally binding contract between you and your employer.

If you want to find out what other registrars around the country are earning, have a look at our Benchmarking Report (2014). Note that the survey that the Benchmarking Report was based upon was conducted prior to the release of the NTCER, and therefore refers to the National Minimum Terms and Conditions (released in 2013). Even so, the report is a great starting place to find out about the real terms and conditions in the marketplace, and to begin to get an idea as to what you might be able to negotiate.

GPRA also publishes Negotiating Employment: Essential knowledge for general practice registrars , a guide designed to walk you through negotiating your employment conditions and agreements. The guide contains useful information and advice to streamline negotiation of your employment conditions.


Further information

For questions relating to the Employment Agreement Template or any other employment questions, contact the registrar services team at or phone 03 9629 8878.



Your essential negotiating checklist