Registrars demand input into changes to GP training

MEDIA RELEASE 27 October 2017

Registrars demand input into changes to GP training


General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) expresses disappointment that GP registrars were not consulted in the decision to return training to the GP Colleges from 2019. It is essential that GP Registrars are involved in planning the changes. The welfare of GP Registrars must be protected.

GPRA President Dr Melanie Smith said, “While there is merit in Minister Hunt’s announcement, there should have been proper consultation. How this change to GP training is implemented is critical; GP Registrars must be protected and their views considered.”

“Our membership represents over 25,000 GP Registrars, medical students and prevocational doctors in Australia. There has been no consultation with this group — all of whom are affected by this decision,” said Dr Smith.

“GP training has been a moving feast of changes for several years. Yet another change will increase angst and despair amongst registrars and medical students,” said Dr Smith.

“How the decision is implemented will have a profound effect of the future general practice workforce and the current uncertainty will impact on the well-being and health of Registrars,” said Dr Smith.

Now, more so than ever, it is important for GP Registrars to have an independent voice to advocate for them. This must be a key component in returning training to the GP colleges.

“GPRA have always advocated for the best interests of GP Registrars and it is critical that we can continue to do so,” said Dr Smith.

GPRA stands ready to work with the Minister, the RACGP and ACRRM on the successful transition of GP training and to ensure the best-possible outcomes for GP Registrars, their patients and the future of general practice.

“GPRA seeks an urgent meeting with the Minister to ensure ongoing support and assistance for registrars as changes are made,” said Dr Smith.


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Dr Melanie Smith
General Practice Registrars Australia

Dr Andrew Gosbell
General Practice Registrars Australia or 03 9629 8878

General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) is the peak national representative body for the next generation of general practitioners in Australia. Our members are trainee GPs (GP registrars) and early career GPs, medical students and junior doctors with an interest in general practice.