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The RACGP has published a new policy which places limits on the number of exam attempts candidates will be permitted

RACGP has published a new policy, the Fellowship Exam Attempts Policy, which limits the number of exam attempts candidates are allowed.

From 1 January 2019, RACGP candidates will be allowed a maximum of six attempts at each Fellowship exam segment.

Previously, there was no limit to the number of times a candidate could sit an exam.

To help with the transition, past exam failures will not count towards a candidate’s six attempts; all candidates will have six cycles as from January 2019 to complete all three exam segments, regardless of past exam attempts.

All current pass exams results will continue to be recognised.

"Permitting unlimited exam attempts has serious implications for patient and community safety," the RACGP said in a statement.

RACGP data shows that the pass rate in RACGP exams diminishes significantly after the sixth attempt.

This decision is in line with exam policy of other specialist medical colleges. However, the RACGP still allows more attempts than other colleges.

Candidates will still be required to pass all three exams (AKT, KFP and OSCE), and must do so within six exam cycles over the course of three years. Extensions are still offered when appropriate. Those who do not pass all three exams within this timeframe will not be able to obtain Fellowship of the RACGP.

The three years/six attempts begins from the date of first becoming eligible for the exams. You can find out the exam eligibility policies here.

Passing the AKT and KFP will remain prerequisites to sitting the OSCE exam.

Upon request, candidates may suspend their exam candidacy for six months without substantiation. Additional suspension may be granted in the case of special circumstances. You cannot enrol in exams during a suspension period – the six additional months does not entitle you to an additional exam cycle.

You can read the new exam policy on the RACGP website.

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