My Standout Supervisor

GP supervisors play an integral role in teaching the future of general practice in Australia

Acknowledging Standout GP Supervisors

Sometimes the hard work which supervisors put into GP registrar training goes unnoticed — this season is a great time to thank your supervisor for their support.

GPRA members told us what their supervisor does to support them, how they go above and beyond, and how they inspire and teach them.

The winning entry

Congratulations to Dr Rhys Cameron who nominated his Standout Supervisor, Dr Denton Wade, of Tyack Health Medical Clinic, QLD.

Here is what Dr Rhys said about his supervisor:

"Dr Denton Wade is a standout supervisor for my first year as a GP registrar. Denton consistently will give 110% to give patients the best care — not just his but mine!

He will always be available to step out of a consult for five minutes (sometimes more!) to help me diagnose or treat my patient and will also follow up on how my patients went.

He always has a smile, even with the "shopping list" patient. The nurses love him! No-one has a bad word to say about him. We both enjoy Funky shirt Friday too!"

The prize

The winning entry received a brand-new Welch Allyn Premium diagnostic set (RRP $1,474).

We will also send out our inaugural "Standout Supervisor" award to your supervisor acknowledging their efforts as a Standout Supervisor.

Find the terms and conditions of the competition here.


Thank you


Previous winners

  • 2017 — Dr Jonathan Chia and Supervisor Dr Lyn Wren of Quinns Mindarie Super Clinic, WA

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