Every Doctor

To celebrate the release of Every Doctor — healthier doctors=healthier patients by Prof Leanne Rowe & Prof Michael Kidd, we gave GPRA members the chance to WIN a copy ($35.99 RRP).

Every Doctor is about thriving in medicine at a time of massive advances and changes in global health systems and medical services. A medical career requires personal fortitude, courage and humility, and this invaluable book shares practical solutions to inevitable challenges through the stories and wisdom of experienced doctors. The authors recognise that while individual resilience is essential, so is the ability to influence change by challenging negative medical cultures and ‘out of touch’ models of leadership.

By working together, every doctor can:

  • improve their physical and mental health to provide patient care of the highest standard
  • work with colleagues to create a healthier and happier medical culture
  • lead and influence positive changes in their workplaces every day

Every Doctor is a must-read for doctors of all specialties at all stages of their careers wherever they practise in the world, because exemplary care of patients, peers, profession and self is a lifelong journey.

Congratulations to the following winners who shared their best tip for thriving in a career in medicine

Dr Joash Foo
To thrive in a career in medicine... take one step at a time and keep humble. All sorts of things overwhelm us in medicine like information, stress, career options - the list may be longer for some. It’s more like a voyage than a sprint, and the trick is to persevere, one bit at a time, and allow ourselves to stop and re-evaluate one’s journey at various points along the road. Never expect yourself to know everything and be willing to learn from and work with everyone.

Dr Claus Bloecker
To thrive in a career in medicine... make your own health your number one priority by seeing your friends and family regularly, eating well, continuing your favourite hobbies/interests, planning holidays and exercising at least four times a week. Then, find your niche in medicine which you enjoy most and make it your specialty.

Dr Raymun Ghumman
To thrive in a career in medicine... it may sound like a simple recipe but to thrive in a medical career requires the right ingredients and a balance in flavours across life: a healthy diet, physical activity, time with loved ones and time alone and, to value contentment as much as the reward of new challenges.



Thank you

Thank you to Taylor & Francis Group for providing the copies of the book to giveaway.

Taylor & Francis Group has kindly provided GPRA members with a 20% discount code on the book: use code FLR40 at checkout.



About the authors

Prof Leanne Rowe is an experienced family doctor and Clinical Professor at Monash University, Australia, who has cared for other doctors as patients for many years.

Prof Michael Kidd is a family doctor, Professor and Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto in Canada & Professorial Fellow with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne.

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