The passing of Dr Harry Nespolon: memories and reflections

The passing of Dr Harry Nespolon: memories and reflections

By GPRA President Dr Sama Balasubramanian

GPRA President - Dr Sama Balasubramanian

Dear fellow GP trainees,

I write to you about the sad news of the passing of RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon.

My first encounter with Dr Nespolon was as a general practice trainee preparing for the RACGP OSCE. After a few incisive questions in a mock VIVA case he left me wondering, “How do I know what I think I know?”

In my opinion the best teachers are ones that help you learn about yourself.

Countless other times Harry has helped trainees prepare not only to pass the hurdle of Fellowship examinations, but also grow into clinicians capable of proudly representing the future of general practice.

With sharp insight and a knack for being frank, Dr Nespolon was a fierce and passionate advocate for our profession. He was also a fearless friend of GPRA as a trainee organisation and was willing to listen to the issues that really mattered to trainees. His advocacy for trainee and supervisor needs was a welcome change in a system that stifles change and incentivises the status quo.

Harry accepted change as something inevitable, to be harnessed, and to be utilised for the good of our profession.

The future of general practice would do well to have more thinkers, leaders, and advocates like Harry. He will be sorely, but dearly missed. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved ones.

Vale Dr Harry Nespolon

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