Budget: Continuing Commitment to Supporting Health Peak and Advisory Bodies is Important


10 May 2018

Budget: Continuing Commitment to Supporting Health Peak and Advisory Bodies is Important

The CEO of General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA), Dr Andrew Gosbell said today that, although it is receiving no new funds, the continuing commitment in the Budget to supporting national health and peak advisory bodies remains a critical cornerstone for achieving a more effective health system.

“There are a number of powerful new initiatives in the Budget,” said Dr Gosbell. “However, continuing support for national peak organisations will be critical for underpinning the success of those new initiatives.”

“The confirmation of the government’s intention to maintain agreements with health-related national peak and advisory bodies may not receive much media attention but it is critically important.”

“It is ‘information sharing and relevant, well-informed advice’ that can inform, shape and ensure the success of what is a well-considered and strategically sound Budget.”

“GPRA has undertaken, and will continue to undertake, national quantitative and qualitative research to better understand the perceptions and circumstances of general practice registrars,” said Dr Gosbell.

“The research has addressed, and will continue to address, issues such as:

a. Remuneration
b. Working conditions
c. Satisfaction with employment and training
d. Well-being
e. Mental health
f. Career intentions

“The capacity to utilise well-planned market research will be critically important for ensuring evidence-based support for implementing new health sector initiatives,” said Dr Gosbell.


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