2019 AGPT Policies

The Department of Health (DoH) has released updated Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) policies to come into effect 1 January 2019. Read a summary of the changes below.

Over the past month, GPRA participated in the Department of Health's (DoH) AGPT Program Policy Review Reference Group.

GPRA provided feedback on key issues and proposed amendments to policies, in particular advocating for increasing flexibility in relation to training time caps, program leave and extensions.

The purpose of the AGPT Program Policies is to ensure that these policies support RTOs to in managing GP training and assist GP registrars in progressing through their training.

This week, the DoH released the final version of the policies.

Please note the 2019 AGPT Program Policies come into effect 1 January 2019. Registrars currently on the AGPT Program must look at the 2017 AGPT Program Policies until the 2019 AGPT Program Policies come into place.


The major changes which affect registrars include:

    • Registrars who are on an Extension Awaiting Fellowship and wish to work below the College’s minimum Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) requirement are now able to do so as long as they negotiate and agree their preferred working hours with their training facility.
    • Registrars can apply to their RTO for an Extension for Assessment Purposes if further time is required to complete their skills training term.
    • In certain instances, registrars can undertake paid employment while on Category 1 Leave but should be discussed with and approved by their RTO.
    • Registrars can take leave immediately following a period of a different category of leave.
    • Category 2 Leave can be taken outside of Core Vocational Training.
    • Registrars can sit College exams/assessments while on a period of leave, with RTO approval.
    • For registrars who are placed on Category 2 Leave due to being unable to be matched to an appropriate Training Facility, this Category 2 Leave will not count towards their Category 2 Leave allowance or the training time cap.


To view the current policies or to read the updated policies for 2019, please refer to the updated policies on the Department of Health (DoH) website.

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