An innovative model of primary care is launching in Sydney in 2018, and we are looking for new Fellows to help revolutionise general practice in Australia. Osana is a completely new model – patient activation, convenience, population health, and value-based payments. GPs are paid high salaries to practise slow, holistic medicine.

Becoming a GP is a fantastic vocation, but we face challenges in our health system:

  1. Medicare funding is rationed, including under healthcare homes. This means remuneration is flat and GP pay doesn’t catch up with specialist pay, the cost of running a practice or general living expenses
  2. Rising competition, from everywhere. Gone are the days GPs set up shop on a corner of their suburb – now there is increasing supply of medical graduates, saturation of medical centres, emergence of online providers and competition from adjacent professions
  3. Pressure to see more patients. In order to grow your remuneration, GPs have to churn through volume and risk providing ‘6 minute medicine’ which is not enjoyable, not good for patients and leads to burnout.

Osana addressed these challenges and changes how we provide care through 4 disruptions:

  1. Activating patients in their health and well-being through community activities, patient groups, health coaching and coordination.
  2. Making health care more convenient using telehealth and a bus to transport patients to and from our new clinics.
  3. Providing a proactive population health approach through increased prevention, case reviews and team-based care.
  4. Contracting with hospital payers to keep patients well and out of hospital, which in turn allows us to pay GPs high salaries (not commission) and focus on patient outcomes (not just volume).

Benefits for GPs joining Osana include:

  1. Less rush — spend more time with less patients to practice slow medicine and deliver quality patient outcomes.
  2. More pay — disconnect from the pressure of treadmill fee for service medicine; get rewards for keeping patients healthy.
  3. Better experience — work in new clinics that feel like cafes (but with all the usual medical centre set up) and lead a team of nurses, allied health and health coaches.
  4. Career development — embrace the inevitable evolution of our health system towards population health management; be mentored by industry leaders to develop a unique skill set.

We are launching new clinics initially in Sydney in mid 2018. Next steps:

  1. Read the introductory document from our website: https://osana.care/ (download from the About page).
  2. Email Kevin.cheng@osana.care or call 0448 006 666 for more information or a coffee chat.
  3. Be part of this new start-up for primary care!

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