Illawarra Aged Care GPs

Join our group of VR GPs happily working in aged care.

We offer office and professional support to GPs wanting to work independently in aged care facilities in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven.

Our GPs have 24 hour mobile access to electronic medical records and our bespoke virtual medical practice software environment to allow them to work effectively as mobile providers in aged care and/or home visits.

Our GPs earn between $200 to $300 an hour and typically keep over 90 percent of billings.

You can choose your hours and days, making this work well suited to GPs with young families, those wanting more flexibility and independence in setting their work/ life balance or to complement another practice job.

For more information please contact:

Dr Tas Karakaidos - phone 0413487886 email

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The NTCER covers the terms and conditions of GP Registrars' employment.