The Crane General Practice


The Perks. We are a GP-owned/run practice. We provide flexible working hours with an emphasis on work-life balance. We strive to streamline and automate our systems to reduce unpaid paperwork time. We employ data analytics to optimise GP revenue, creating financial freedom and ensuring job satisfaction. We have on-site pathology and a renowned local physiotherapist in our team, and a psychologist and infant sleep consultant waiting to join us. We have a fun crew, smiles all around. One of our GPs is going on maternity leave so there is already a patient base waiting. GP contractor percentage starts at 60% gross billings depending on experience, with an opportunity to grow as the clinic grows.


The Culture. We value empathy, transparency, efficiency, collaboration and innovation to build an impact-driven, sustainable practice with a legacy in our community. We are a team that enjoy what we do, thus maximising the potential of every team member to provide quality care to our patients. We are part of a GP-led business coaching community that has helped us thrive (unlike many) while supporting local needs in the current pandemic.


The Space. Originally an 1840s Victorian house, we are located along the service road of Queens Parade with surrounding all-day free car parks, public transport access, and bike racks at the back of the clinic. Our practice offers a welcoming and functional layout. We have a spacious treatment room with a gynaecological examination bed in one cubicle, and all things skin in the other cubicle. Our GP rooms are equipped with sit-stand desks, automatic height-adjustable examination beds, natural light, and greenery.


The Team. We are currently a team of 3 GPs, 1 Nurse, 1 Physiotherapist with support staff, with a plan to grow.


And You. We are looking for a like-minded GP to join our clinic, commencing as soon as possible. An ideal candidate:

  • Takes the time to listen
  • Provides evidence-based care
  • Writes thorough notes
  • Is a team player
  • Seeks professional & personal growth
  • Contributes ideas to grow the clinic
  • Provides a safe space for gender-diverse & culturally diverse patients
  • Is keen to stay long-term

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact Hwuei, our principal GP on her mobile or by email.

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