The GPRA Corporate Governance Charter clearly defines the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the Board of Directors, both individually and collectively. Our Charter also sets out the strategic direction, management and control of the organisation.

Key benefits of the GPRA corporate governance charter

  • The Charter enables the Board to deliver good governance.
  • It is an excellent point of reference.
  • It is a useful induction tool for new Directors and managers.
  • It provides a forum to discuss issues that could be overlooked.
  • It provides team development technique for Board members.
  • It is a starting point for strategic planning.

The GPRA Corporate Governance Charter is the foundation for the corporate planning process. It provides an outline of the roles of decision-makers in the organisation, and the structure of the decision-making process of the organisation. Critical policies such as risk management and the delegation of responsibility are also outlined.

The Corporate Governance Charter has enabled GPRA to form Committees within the Board for various aspects of governance including:

  • Audit
  • Finance
  • Succession planning
  • Director and senior management evaluation and remuneration
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning.