Negotiating your employment

Negotiating your employment as a GP Registrar can be overwhelming — we are here to help. 

If you encounter issues with your employment, GPRA can provide you with independent, confidential advice on matters relating to your employment terms and conditions and your employment agreement.

The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) applies to all GP registrars. This agreement outlines the minimum entitlements that you, as a GP registrar, receive.

The NTCER is negotiated every two years between GPRA and GPSA. At these negotiations, we represent you and advocate for the best-possible agreement.


We know the NTCER inside out. We can help you:

  • understand what you are entitled to
  • provide advice on what to look out for in contracts
  • support you as you negotiate your employment.

There are many online resources to support you as you enter employment negotiations.


These resources will help you negotiate:

  • The NTCER
    a must-read for all GP registrars.
  • Sample employment agreement template
    contains the standard contractual agreements as per the Fair Work Act the NTCER; useful for both GP registrars and practices.
  • The GPRA Terms and Conditions Benchmarking Report
    Provides an overview of GP registrar working conditions and wages, employment conditions, billing profiles, earning capacity, and more. Knowing this information can give you confidence in negotiating your employment.
  • How to Negotiate Employment
    Other GP registrars give their advice on getting the best-possible employment conditions.