Why join a committee?

  • gain experience in policy development, management, governance and advocacy
  • make key contacts in the general practice industry
  • share your ideas, and implement and influence change in the industry
  • improve general practice training in Australia
  • network with other GP registrars.

All members are welcome to join a committee. Our Advisory Council governs our committees.

If you would like to join a committee please contact


Our committees

Assessments and Standards Committee
Join a committee interested in workplace and training issues including: practice accreditation, College Vocational Training Standards and exams.

International Medical Graduates Committee
Join a committee which represents and investigates issues relevant to IMG registrars.

Rural Committee
Make a positive difference to registrars working in rural Australia! This committee is interested in all issues that concern rural GP registrars in Australia, including: workforce issues, rural incentive payments and the various state rural generalist pathways.

Terms and Conditions Committee
Join the committee which negotiates the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars with the General Practice Supervisors Association. These negotiations occur every two years. The next negotiations will occur in 2018.

Wellbeing Committee
Join a committee which pro-actively responds to RLO and registrar wellbeing issues; everything from workplace safety to mental health.

Close the Gap Committee
Concerned with all issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The committee is passionate about improving health equity for all people throughout Australia.
Close the Gap Committee aims to:

  • support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP registrars on their way to becoming GPs
  • ensure excellent standards of employment and training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP registrars
  • encourage GP registrars to consider the benefits of working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training posts and increase the number of registrars working in these posts
  • raise the issue of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health with the next generation of Australian general practitioners, and challenge them to personally contribute.