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General Practice Registrars Australia

  • RGPRA logo 2017 200pxlesources to enhance your training, education and exam preparation
  • Free downloadable copies of all our publications and guides on our website
  • Numerous networking opportunities including events and access to conferences
  • Webinars - Partake in an interactive online learning workshop
  • Fortnightly network e-newsletter made specifically for GP registrars
  • Access to our study partners resource - Find yourself a study buddy and get ahead of the pack!
  • Negotiation of the Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars
  • Ability to give feedback on important issues - Let your voice be heard
  • General wellbeing support, advice and tips
  • All the latest news, information and much more!

BOQ Specialist – Alliance Partner

BOQ Specialist logoBOQ Specialist is dedicated to supporting the financial future of GPRA members.

With over 20 years’ experience of offering tailored banking services to medical professionals, BOQ Specialist has a deep understanding of the unique challenges you will face throughout your career. As a GP registrar, BOQ Specialist has a range of products and services which have been specifically designed to meet your needs at this stage of your journey. From everyday banking to buying a new car, from applying for your first home loan to assistance with purchasing a practice – BOQ Specialist can help.

As a GPRA member, you are entitled to a range of additional rewards and benefits.