Social responsibility

GPRA Social responsibility

GPRA aims to be recognised by our members, suppliers and other stakeholders as their best supplier. We are passionate about excellence and strive to exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity. We focus on building and maintaining effective relationships and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct.

An equal opportunity employer

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to new and existing employees. Our policy ensures that all staff has equal opportunities, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, religion, hours of work, marital status or social class.

Commitment to corporate social responsibility

We are committed to all aspects of corporate social responsibility that are relevant to our business. These areas include good ethical behaviour, concern for employee health and safety, care for the environment and community relationships.

Supporting professional development

GPRA is committed to supporting the professional development of our employees. We encourage them to fulfil their true potential through an ongoing learning process that aligns with our strategic goals and objectives.

Active and constructive stakeholder communication

We understand that effective communication is vital and we welcome questions and suggestion from customers, suppliers and employees. GPRA conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys and actively encourages feedback from employees. We also monitor supplier performance continuously.

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